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About phone bill this month

Hello, is not the first time this happens, I got charged again for the facture and I paid already yesterday, I should have an open ticket also for the time I exchanged my membership to my name from my ex wife name, you made us pay double that month, and also when I changed my contract I had to pay double, please do something about this, I have no intention of paying again
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello Gerard! Welcome to Orange community! I am sorry to hear that, but can you, please, tell us how did you make the payment and where did you see that the payment was made 2 times?

Campion certificat
Hey!.. What do you mean by "charged again" for the facture you paid? Where do you see that? How do you know is the same facture you alreay paid? You say you paid the same invoice as your ex wife.. How do you know that? Did you look at the time period that was charged? Was the same in both invoices? What do you mean by "changed contract"? How do you know you paid double? Usually, a new contract is paid one month in advance, maybe that's why you think you paid double.. You need to verify the period of time for all the invoices and what costs made them.. maybe you have extra costs.. And, you need to give more information, but, without personal data, so that others can understand better what you mean..

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Hi Gerard,you tried to call customer service at 300?

Hello! Did you receive a new payment message or a new invoice because there are two totally different things?