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How can I view a sms message online? I no longer have my phone


How can I switch to XOXO my Orange number online without the physicall phone which i lost.. Im in the USA and cant go to any stores here but i really need my romanian number reactivated on a diffrent phone or anyway i can so i can view sms text verifications, for several things. When i try anything it asks for pin sent to phone which like i said i lost..

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Hello! Activating the e-sim is not possible, if you do not have a physical sim with which you can confirm your identity. A physical SIM to replace the stolen/lost one can only be obtained from physical stores, online activation is not currently available at Orange Romania SA.

Well is there anything available at Orange Romania since my Phone while lost yes, still is Active as I type.. There is 0 ways for them to at the very least help me get one single text verification on that number.. just one.. No one at Orange can? When they have access to the entire portal.. sms, calls, location, etc.. but Razvan I gotta find a flight across the Ocean to a Orange store in Romania? Really SMFH!!!!!  Again I love Romania, and 90 percent of its people I encoutered there but man... when it comes to needing some help its just like, oh yeah just fly here. We aint gonna spend 2 minutes to help you.. Spend days to fly here instead!! The bank locked has a sizable amount of money in it just locked.. 


Hello ! The best option is to give someone in Romania a power of attorney to request an e-sim that you, later, activate on a compatible phone in the US.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone in Romania that can do that. The Bank did say that was an option but I don't have anyone there to make a power of attorney. 

If you need the number just to receive certain codes used in different applications, try accessing those apps and change the number needed there with one you buy in US. If you need to keep up with the friends, use Messenger, until you get your number back in Romania. 

NO No NOOOO man.. I cant change the number as the BANK refuses to do anything without me either calling them from that number, or myself resetting the login of the Bank App ONLY from that number no matter what which is so Ridiculous! I mean the gutless cowards cannot even justify their approach of basically telling me, well you lost the phone now you must fly to us in person to LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT!! I mean dang for real.. no one has a little bit of humanity in the entire Bank Call center to think about how a 5 to 10 minute verification with me over phone, on video, basically nothing at all changed on my email, or account besides losing the phone... 

@ArinG360: The bank lied you. No Romanian institution can't forced you to use of a certain phone number, or the solution of the problem to depend on the problem itself. Identity verification forms can also be done by calling the bank from a landline number, not a mobile one. Good luck.

No they kept repeating wildly over and over that without the phone that was used to start the account they cannot help me at all.. and for me to come into the bank no matter where in the world I may be at.. Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Orange Romania.. Like I mentjoned in my other reply, KATU News here in Portland is airing my story and experience later today on the 5pm News. They are also attempting to reach out the Corporate Department of each company to get an explanation of their stance... 

Are you serious? So if I call them from a landline phone they will give me a chance to verify all my info? Raiffienstien bank?

Yep. Any bank, not only Raiffeisen. Try first, and we are wait here for your feedback. Good luck. 

BTW: for any troubleshoot, if they don't want to understand, try to sign a complain to ANPC and  them here.


Hi @ArinG360

There is no option to view a message(SMS) online without the phone. Did you have a prepaid sim card or a postpaid sim card in your phone that you lost?

I had a pre paid which I'm still paying online to keep active in hopes of a solution.


@ArinG360 as a prepaid user there is no option to switch to eSIM. You can get a new SIM only from the stores. Another solution for you is just to update your accounts with a new phone number, could be international or Romanian number. If the bank or the services requires only an Romanian number I hope you have some friends in Romania and could help to buy a new number or use there number for this emergency. 

No they require not any Romanian number.. but only the number I used to start the bank account.. IM IN A CRISIS HERE!! They are basically holding my money hostage in their bank and will not work with me at all for any reasonable solution. Orange appears to be the same way, Im beign told I need to fly to Romania to get a resolution with the phone number basically stuck in limbo since my Physical phone is gone! THERE IS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN THAT BANK!!! Please for the love of GOD i need help ORANGE!! I cant believe Im told to spend 2 thousand dollars to fly 20 hours is my only choice!! I love Romania but this type of irrational stubbornness towards clients is despicable!