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Netgear Orbi with Huawei router

Hello, I would like to put mesh wi-if system from Netgear (Orbi). Unfortunately it doesn’t work with my Huawei router form Orange.
Can someone help me with this?

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Hello Anca and all,
I asked Orange to put my router in bridge mode and I insisted they should give me the PPPoE login and password. They said the only login and password they can giveis the one from the router. Before I tested it I simply reset my Orbi system to factory settings. Surprisingly it worked from the first time.
I have Orbi router and 2 satellites. I checked the speed on Ookla and in every place in my house I have 250 to 400 mbps on theoretical 496 promised by Orange. By experience I know it is not gonna happen what they promise so I am very happy with the result.
Thanks again for your help.
Btw, if you have kids, Netgear has an excellent parents management system in collaboration with Circle by Disney. I have 5 kids and it works miracles in internet time management :-)
Thanks again,


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Hello! You need to set the Huawei ONT from Orange in Bridge mode and you can attach the personal router later. You must contact Orange by calling 300, email at serviciul.clienti@orange.com or to contact in My Orange (Djingo chat) questing to pass the ONT (Huawei) on Bridge mode. Success!

Thanks Razvan, tried already but my Orbi doesn’t work. It asks for PPPoE login and password but Orange says they cannot provide it.
Will try again if this is the only way

Hello! You can try to resend an e-mail or to contact Orange in which to explain in detail how you want the bridge mode to the technical departament. Probably at 300, you did not talk to those in the technical departament. In this moment, i don't have any ideas. Have nice Day!

Welcome to our community! I do not think that Huawei routers support the operation you want to do, they are somewhat limited, and the consultants at the customer service cannot change the factory settings so that wi-fi mesh works. You can try tot explain them but only by phone at short number 300, or 0374300300, because it's more easy
to be understood in english. I am sorry If i dissapointed you. Have a great year.

I had in the previous location internet from Digi and they managed. I hope Orange will do as well. I know they can put the router in bridge mode. I wonder why this option is disabled in router settings since I know it is possible on this model.
Thanks anyway for the support.
Have a great year too.

Because each provider has its own internet settings. Maybe you will be lucky, and they can change your settings. Good luck anyway.

The Digi use PPPoE settings and Telekom (DHCP settings) because this is how the network was implemented. Orange and Telekom also offer fixed IP for individuals.

Hello Artur,

Please check this link https://kb.netgear.com/31218/How-do-I-configure-my-Orbi-router-to-act-as-an-access-point, see if it helps.

Good luck, and let us know if you had success with any of the solutions offerred, or if you found a better one.

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