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Fiber 2000 in Crevedia when???


For more then 3 years ago orange is saying it is always expanding its “network” but still in Crevedia I can not get orange WiFi/TV on fibra 2000 or any fibra. Stuck here on RCS which is not satisfying while Buftea (less then a kilometer from my house) has orange and that makes it so frustrating knowing it’s so close by 🤬 so when fibra will arive in Crevedia???

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Maybe there are too few costumers that want fiber from Orange and is not economic a priority.

I wait for fiber for over a year in Bucharest. Downstreet are services, but upstreet not (not for individuals).


Hello, Jeroenkoot! Welcome to the Orange Community!

We are happy about your interest in Orange fiber services.

Our colleagues are continuously working to extend the national fiber network in order to offer our services to as many customers as possible. Stay connected with Orange news by checking the dedicated page for fiber coverage here

We will also ask our colleagues if they have information about this. Thank you.

Daniela, I know it is being expended only I hear the same story for over 3 years, all we have is rcs and that is not satisfying as an provider 😞 and stupid thing is Samurcasi which falls under Crevedia does have fibra 2000 and it’s only 6 minutes from where I live 🤦🏻‍♂️