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Sending Money from the US to Orange Card in Romania?

I tried to send money using Moneygrams direct to debit card money transfer option to a friend and Moneygram said this card cannot receive a money transfer. The Orange Money card is brand new.
If it is supposed to be able to receive what needs to be done to enable this?
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In general, transferring money to an Orange Money account should be possible. However, I think the problem here is transferring from MoneyGram. Not sure what the problem is exactly, but from what I've read online, it seems transfer between these two is no longer supported. So, for what I can tell, it's not something you can enable on your side.
Client Orange

Try using a Revolut card. Better than Moneygram services. Or maybe an IBAN transfer should be working.

for example, Raiffeisen bank no longer accepts bank transfers from Moneygrams ...

Revolut worked great but my friend was locked out of her account and their support system is not existent.

An IBAN transfer would be to the bank account itself and take some amount of time, like an ACH transfer in the US if I understand correctly. I had read something about a fallout between Orange and Moneygram elsewhere. I wonder if Western Union direct to debit card would work?

Hi, this option to send money to any card should work, since it is a Visa card. Can you send here the picture of the error that you received? Did you contact Moneygram to help on the issue?