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Can I change the language of sim card?

Is there any way to change my sim card menu and SMS send by orange to English?

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I think the SIM "speaks" in which language the phone is set. If the phone is set to English, also the SIM messages will be in English.

If you have not already set your preferred language, you can choose the language of communication (Romanian, English or Hungarian) directly by calling 300. Later, by changing the language, you will receive all messages (Cronos, invoice, notifications, etc.) in your new defined language.

If you have already set the Romanian language as the preferred language, call the Customer Service 300 and they we will help you change it to English.

Hello. I have a Huawei phone, and the steps I need to follow to change the language are as follows:
Tools menu (Instrumente in Romanian) -> Orange -> Limba (that means Language), and change it to english. From that menu, it's easy to navigate and get any information you need from Orange. I have attached some images. I think it's working on every android phone. Good luck.

@Mario Ma, my colleagues will try to change the language for you.
In this regard, yesterday I sent you a private message (on the e-mail address you have registered with in the Community) and we are waiting for your reply.
Thank you.

Hello, I am looking also to change the menu to English. How is this possible?



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@dimil hello and welcome to the community!
Regarding your situation I sent you a private message (on the e-mail address you used to register in the community). Waiting for your reply.

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