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YOXO ID scan

Hi, I am trying to activate yoxo subscription and cannot get past the id scan - it is constantly trying and failing to scan my Croatian ID card. Is there an alternative method?


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We are sorry, but Yoxo subscriptions can only be activated with a Romanian ID card, this is the reason why the scan failed.

Hello! It is a problem because Orange Romania does not have access to the international base in order to be able to verify if your identity card is real. I recommend you to sign up for a fun/ smart subscription for 1 month in Orange Shop and then switch to Yoxo. Have nice day!

If I do the proposed switch in a month, how would I avoid the same issue in a month - once I again try to switch to yoxo?

Also can I continue using the sim card on Orange or it's locked in yoxo system now?

@armybrat123 hello and welcome to the community.
I asked my colleagues from Yoxo and unfortunately the ID scan is a necessary step when you activate the Yoxo subscription, no matter the method. So if you activate first an Orange subscription and want to switch to Yoxo you will need to scan the ID.
Are you looking for certain benefits so we can recommend you a different subscription plan or the PrePay sim card option?

I am looking for some plan which will be usable for the next 3-6 months and which will allow me to have 3-5gb of data (with the possibility to purchase more if I use it up) and 200 minutes inside Romania. So it's not really some high usage plan :)

However with the card (and credit that came with it) I can't seem to connect to LTE. Only 3g connection can be achieved. Do I need to first add some credit to it in order for 4G/LTE to be enabled?

The best offer is EO prepay of 5 euros, with 1000 national minutes / sms included, 5GB of net, bonus of 100 GB and 2/3 / 4G access, including Volte / vo-wifi, if the phone is compatible with them.
More details at https://www.orange.ro/prepay/

Yeah, I can't even top-up my credit without Romanian CNP - the "Plata cu cardul" page also requires CNP and it does not allow me to fill my non-Romanian ID number nor my passport number even though I'm just adding credit via debit card. This is getting ridiculous - I absolutely have no intention to visit any store each time I want to top up.

Hello @armybrat123,
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I would like to help but I need to know, are you now in Romania?
Are you using now a SIM card from Orange in your phone?

Yup, I'm in Timisoara, I put a freshly bought SIM card to my phone.
On a side-note I only have 3G but that might be due to my xiaomi (although LTE worked everywhere so far out of the box).

Thanks for your answer.
Of course there is no problem with your phone, you need to activate a plan (bundle) for your SIM card in order to use the 4G network and services. First you need to check your credit balance by calling 333 or *133#.
Let me know how much credit do you have on that SIM so I ca guide you how to activate the bundle.

You can use the prepaid recharge service on the site https://www.kartela.ro/, where you recharge with 5-6 euro credit, and be careful to have the data deactivated and then activate EO from the selfcare menu * 100 #. Then you can enjoy the minutes and the net.

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