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[Solved] DHCP dial-up failed

Hello everyone!
I hope someone could help me.

I'm connected in Wi-Fi to internet and it's written "no internet, secured"
So I looked what could be the problem. It seems like it doesn't come from my computer.
I went on the router settings and launched a diagnosis.
The problem come from DHCP (see the picture)
What should I do to fix that?


Could be a lot of things. Google is your friend. If router, reboot router, check router dhcp settings, factory default router or call network provider. If PC check ipv4 is set for dhcp, test connecting PC to mobile hotspot to see if it works fine - if it does then PC is fine.

Hello Anne. This error occurs due to different reasons, the most common being a change in your configuration settings like your IP address, which could cause your router to have problems connecting to the Internet. Any program, including an update to the operating system, can cause this problem.Internet, secured” error is a common error. You’ll most likely get it in Windows 10 than in other versions. Since many changes in configuration settings can cause this error, you’ll have to run through different options to get a fix.
Please follow this link:

Hi Anne,
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Could you please let us know if your internet connection is provided by Orange?
If yes, what's your router manufacturer and model?
The attached photo is from the web console?

Hi @Anne,
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That's awesome. Where was the problem and how did you fix?
By sharing with us you may help other users with your answer.

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