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Nu pot sa folosesc optiunea de 12 euro

I am Agnes from Miercurea Ciuc. I uploaded my phone with 12 euro 2 weeks ago, but could not use it. What is the problem? Please help soon! Agnes


We need more info so we can give you an accurate opinion, but, I think it would be better for you to go to an Orange Shop and ask there, face to face.. Or, if you feel comfortable this way, try to write on Orange chat, Djingo..

Hello Agnes! You recharched the prepay number and then you did not activate any options. It is possible to be used as credit card because the rates are too big (voice and mobile data). You are în Romania or roaming SEE? Thank you!



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Hello Agnes!

If you already tried what the other colleagues say, and nothing worked, please check if your sim card number is on grace period (to do this make a call to this number: 333, and read the messages that you will receive). If so, you probably need to check what you can do to reactivate your sim card number. Please check the cost control number i have gave you and come back here with an answer.

Wish you a great day!

@Agnes, welcome in Orange Community!


I've noticed you didn't come back here. Please tell us if your problem was solved.

If not, let's recap, please! So, you have an Orange PrePay SIM card and you recharged 2 weeks ago with 12 euro, correct? Have you recharged with 12 euro credit or with an 12 euro option? Did you use the phone these 2 weeks (voice, data)? It worked? Are you in Romania or in roaming?

If nothing that was written here is helpful for you, of course you can call 300 (+40 374 300 300) choosing 1 for Romanian/ 2 for English; or you can call 474 for Hungarian.

Please keep us informed! Thanks!

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